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Varying communities, colourful costumes and rich cultural heritage, this is what Rajasthan is all about.

Rajpoot :
The Rajpoot groom is carrying a sword in his hand with ‘Kilangli’ (an elongated part studded with coloured feather) over his head, dressed in Sherwani, with work of golden threads and embroidery.

The bride wearing sheesphool (ornament were upon the head) and heavy garment is standing near the groom.

Meena :
The ‘Meena’ tribes are found in great number near areas surrounding Alwar, Swaimadhopur and Bharatpur which was called Matsya region in the Indian Epic, Mahabharata. The bride wears Lehanga-Choli with her waist open. 

Gujjar :
The milk-men belong to this community. The Gujjar bride has a distinct costume with Net-Chunari, worn overhead and colourful bridal dress inside.

Chejara :
Chejara are the Indian masonry community. The bride standing besides the groom is studded with silver jewellery from head upto the toe.

Jat :
The Jat groom has a distinctly tied turban on his head, standing near his bride wearing jewellery, including Hamel.