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The gallery depicts the traditional folk jewellery which had been worn by the people, belonging to different communities, occasionally as well as casually.

Locket :
Jewellery usually worn by men, consisting of heavy designer middle piece, in the chain made up of the same metal. The ornamentation differed from person to person depending upon his economic status.

Hamel :
A specific neck-piece, with middle-piece and other similar pieces getting smaller in size, as they are designed to be placed side-ways, on the chain. The ornament is usually worn by the women belonging to Jat community.

Sheesphool and Ear-ring :
Sheesphool is an ornament with an elongated middle-piece, studded with stones, in some cases which are sometimes representative of the ‘Maang-Teeka’ (jewellery worn on the head). The chain like extensions and the net like protrusions cover the fore head and half of the hair. Worn by folk women as well as the brides, during marriage ceremonies.

Earring is the ornament with heavy hangings having an inverted basket type look called ‘Jhumki’ is also, depicted in this gallery.

Anvla :
An ornament made up of silver (solid) in rounded form, with small designer bunch of ‘Ghungaroos’ (bells) and is worn in the legs fitting itself around the ankels.

It is a traditional jewellery of age-old culture of Rajasthan.

Bajubandh :
An ornament of which armlet is the recent modification. These are made up of silver, gold and other metals. The design is heavy in the middle which narrows down as we look upon the ornament, capturing a rear view.