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The gallery possess specimens prepared in marble, yes white spotless marble, decorated with jewels stones and paints in red, green, yellow and golden.

Woman Under Veil :
Purdah (Veil) being the tradition of Rajpoot life style, a marbel statue upto waist, represents the same.

The veil is transparent and made in stone in such a way that the eyes of the model peeps through the purdah, painted in yellow-golden. So lively the presentation is.

Painting on marble plate (Art of Jaipur) :
A large marble plate with risen borders, painted beautifully in different colours, depicts ‘Radha-Krishna’ sitting in a romantic pose on swing.

The surrounding flora and fauna is also swinging with the air and there is happiness and charm all around.

Net work on Marble Chowki :
The chowki (small marble specimen) was used both as basal items i.e. to keep offerings in front of the Gods/ Goddesses, as well as, to make the groom sit/ stand for auspicious ceremonies to be performed during marriage.

Flower Pot – Kundan and Marble Art :
The high flower pots richly decorated in kundan art (the art of painting upon marble, with shining stones used as ornamental pieces, in red/ green/ golden), is exhibited in the gallery.

Here the specimen in the gallery, has linings of red and golden covering each and every inch of the flower pot.

Marble Slate Painting :
On a marble slate (square polished stone piece), a picture depicting a king and his queen in personal moments, is the subject matter of the piece, exhibited in the gallery.