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Been :
You would be under the charm for those moments during the visit to the museum yes when you’ll come across the typical folk instrument of the snake charmers for making the ‘earless’ snakes dance catching the vibrations.

Shehnai :
Usually made up of teak-work the eight holed Shehani, is the folk instrument of the desert dwellers. Played simultaneously by two artists where one plays the ‘Sa’ of the Indian octave, the activity requires regular intake of breath.

Rawanhatha :
The wandering balladeers, (like the Bhopas) who sing about the Marwar folk hero-Paluji, travel from village to village with their phad painting and Rawanhatha entertaining people with their balled.

The Rawanhatha of the Thori or Nayak Bhopas is probably the earliest instrument played with a bow, and this humble instrument could well be the precursor of the violin made by framing of a big coconut hollow, with animal skin, it possess nine strings on which a ‘Gaj’ made of the horse’s tail’s hair, is moved and thus comes out the magic of the legends of its the heroism and romance of Rajasthan, all captured in the vibrant and evocative music of this desert land.

Dhap :
Members of the category of instrument, Dhap is percussion sort of a single faced and shallow rimmed drums.

Algoja :
A folk instrument which includes two long and hollow tube like things having holes numbering from three to five. One of those is played to maintain the continuity of Sur ’Sa’ and the other one is used for other six ‘Surs’. Both are kept, at a time in the month. This is the favourite instrument of tribal communities like Bhil and Kalbelia.