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The gallery represents the varying carts which were used by different communities for travel, trade and transport.

Camel Cart :
The specific feature being the shape of the wheels, which is larger as compared with those of the other carts, present in the gallery.

Royal Cart :
Driven by two horses the cart is covered by a canopy, square in shape, having a goods carrier upon it.

The wooden seats specifically designed to seat the members of royal family seem quite comfortable and elegant. 

Nat Cart :
Tied with a pair of oxen, the cart is of special design and shape with long bamboo pillars on both sides with rope-net-like covering to join the bamboos. The carrier is long in shape, to carry the family of the tribe of Nats, who are skilled professionally, for performing breath taking physical exercise. Locally, called Nat – Baazigars.

Gaadia Lohar Cart :
These are the carts of the iron-mongers, who earn their living by making iron utensils. Pyramidical structure is attached with the square cart made in iron and is driven by the pair of oxen.

Banjara :
Banjaras, being the wanderers, have a rectangle shaped cart.

Passenger Cart :
Usually driven by a single camel, it has square seating arrangements, sometimes the canopy is made up of jute-woven-net and sometimes square canopy also.