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The gallery depicts unique specimen made up in stone, pink in colour and brought up from Sikandra (Near Agra) and Dholpur (Yes, the typical Dholpur stone which you have heard a lot about).

Pot Sikandra :
The huge shaped pot with designer lid is placed near the entrance of this gallery. The pot was used for storing large quantities of wine during festivals and marriages.

The light pink stone was specially brought from Sikandra (a place near Agra).

Sofa :
The two seated carved stone sofa is the highlighter of this gallery. Kept on a raised platform, the sofa is distinct in its style and elegance.

Domestic Temple (Bikaner Art) :
The terracotta specimen is stuck in the wall just the way it used to remain in the palaces/ havelis or the simple residences.

The net-work (carved stone cut design) has some features of Indo-Sarsenic style.

The ‘temple’ was stuck into the wall at a height so that one could stand in front of it and perform the ‘Puja’ (worship).

Eagle :
The scaled body of the eagle in stone (Sikandra) decorates the gallery, where the structure stands aloof with its wings wide open.

Window Jaisalmer :
The window specimen designed in floral cuts, in the middle with stone and surrounded by wooden framing, polished and delicate enough to represent from their exhibitory skill, the original floral depictions.

The window specimen is typical representation of the style of Jaisalmer dwellings, may be the havelis/ palaces.