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Turban consisted of specific significance in the complete costume of a Rajasthani. The turbans were multicoloured, single coloured (red, yellow, saffron) and like that.

The turbans wore on sad occasions were of white, blue and dull colour.

Marriage Turban :
Usually called the ‘Paag’, these are jewelled turbans, wore on the occasion of marriage, studded with gold/ silver ornaments (hanging), they have the ornamentation of zari (the shining lace) and kiran (the lace with sun rays type impression).

Bundi Style :
Having a specific tying style, these are mulitcoloureded with more of blue and pink. The turban is big in size and the cloth is so much entwined into curls and folds that it resembles to that of a woven net.  

Royal :
The royal turban is in white coffee combination and jewel studding. Possesses Stone work somewhat resembling to that of ‘Kundan’ (Painting and stone studding on marble) work.

Maheshwari Marriage Paag :
These possess distinct feature of pearl-strings and gold broach like jewellery, on either sides of the maheshwari turban.

The ‘Kilangis’ (high elongated structure with feathers on their apex) are present. The colour of the feather being pink, which is considered to be auspicious.

Priest Turban :
Red coloured, consisting the work of ‘Bandhej’ (tye and dye). The tying style is a bit different which is not so high in looking but more, diametrically.